New Dinsey's House of Kids - Pop Cliques Peep-Lo

Pop Cliques Peep-Lo

Minnie goes down to the prop basement to find Mickey a birthday present, but after realizing that she didn't take Pluto, Mickey thinks that she's lost and takes Pluto, Goofy and Donald with him to find her. This leaves Daisy in charge, which leads to disatorous and repremendable peep-lo results.

Disc 1: Edit

Kids Shows and Commercials:

  • She Said, He Said, She Said (2002/remix/my version)
  • Episode Twelve (2003/remix/my version)
  • The Teeter-Totter Caper (1971/remix/my version)
  • Malcolm vs. Reese (2001/remix/my version)
  • We'll Be Righ Back After These Commercial Messages, Barilla Piccolini Ad (7/2/11), Chuck E Cheese: Party Ad, Welch's Grape Juice Commercial, Sinupret Kids Commercial, And Now Back To Disney's House of Kids
  • Cynthia's Back (2002/remix/my version)
  • Cliques (2002/remix/my version)
  • Hecking Order (2011/remix/my version)
  • If Boys Were Girls (2003/remix/my version)

Disc 2:Edit

Kids Shows and Commercials:Edit

  • Crushes (2004/remix/my version)
  • Tanner's Island (1989/remix/my version)
  • Hot Mess It Up (2011/remix/my version)
  • Boy Songs & Badges (2013/remix/my version)
  • We'll Be Righ Back After These Commercial Messages, Trident (2010) Ad, Heinz: Tomato Ketchup Ad, Shutterfly Ad, Bunjees from Skechers at JCPenny Ad, And Now Back To Disney's House of Kids
  • Blankie Go Bye-Bye (2010/remix/my version)
  • Loss of Face (1994/remix/my version)
  • We Got The Beat (1995/remix/my version)
  • Pee (2009/remix/my version)

Gallery Edit

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