Disney's House Of Kids - Everyone Loves Rugrats Collections

Disney's House Of Kids - Everyone Loves Rugrats Collections

Movie "Everyone Loves Rugrats Collections"

Donald is tired of all the love and respect Mickey receives, so he temporarily forms an alliance with Mortimer Mouse with Rugrats collections.

Rugrats Vol. 1: Tommy's First Birthday (1991/my version), The Santa Experience (1992/my version)

Rugarts Vol. 2: A Rugrats Passover (1995/my version), A Rugrats Chanukah (1996/my version)

Rugrats Vol. 3: Mother's Day (1997/my version), A Rugrats Vacation (1997/my version)

Rugrats Vol. 4: The Family Tree (1998/my version), Runaway Reptar (1999/my version)

Rugarts Vol. 5: No Place Like Home (2000/my version), Be My Valentine (2000/my version)

Rugrats Vol. 6: Discover America (2000/my version), Finsterella (2001/my version)

Rugrats Vol. 7: A Rugrats Kwanzaa (2001/my version), All Growed Up (2001/my version)

Rugrats Vol. 8: Pre-School Daze (2001/my version), Curse of the Werewuff (2002/my version)

Rugrats Vol. 9: Bow Wow Wedding Vows (2002/my version), Club Fred (2003/my version)

Rugrats Vol. 10: Babies in Toyland (2002/my version), The Perfect Twins (2003/my version)

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