The Disney's House of Kids Movie - Boys, Girls & Twins
Boys, Girls & Twins

Chip and Dale try to steal all the nuts in the club, and when Donald tries to stop them, Mickey mistakes the duck for the theif.

Discs: Edit

  • Disc 1: Two Chips and a Miss (1952/my version/remix), Twins' Pique (1993/my version/remix), Putting Two 'N' Two Together (1998/my version/remix)
  • Disc 2: Angelica's Twin (1998/my version/remix), Double Tibble Trouble (1999/my version/remix), Arthur: A Word From Us Kids: Twins (Double Tibble Trouble), Two by Two (1999/my version/remix)
  • Disc 3: If Boys Were Girls (2003/my version/remix), Super Babies (2005/my version/remix), Catch the Babies (2005/my version/remix)

and lots more!

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