Disney's House of Kids - House of Law & Order Crime-Sitter

Disney's House of Kids - House of Law & Order Crime-Sitter

"House of Law & Order Crime-Sitter"
First, a string of unexplained thefts occur at the club. Later, the guests start disappearing and leave Mickey as the prime suspect, until the cause of the disappearance was revealed to be the Phantom Blot, who kidnaps the guests, and members of staff.

Note: Chief O'Hara makes an appearance as the police officer intending to lock Mickey in prison.

Kids Shows #1: The Lost Ballpark - Shorts: Crawl, Marcie, Truffles, The Lost Ballfield (1983/my version), Bonnie & Clyde (2004/remix/my version), Donald's Pool (2000/my version)

Kids Shows #2: Touchdown Tommy (1992/my version/remix), The Trial (1992/my version/remix), Susie vs. Angelica (1993/my version/remix)

Plus Many More!

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