Mickey & Minnie's Big Vacation Collections

Mickey and Minnie try to leave for a vacation and leave Donald and Daisy in charge of the club.

Muppet Babies: Muppetland (1987/my version/remix), Rugrats: Ice Cream Mountain (1992/my version/remix), Walt Disney World Commercial: Wake Up Call (1995)

Disney's Sing Along Songs: Disneyland Fun (1990/my version/remix), Kidsongs: Ride A Rollar Coaster (1990/my version/remix), Walt Disney World Commercial: Voice of Experience (1994)

Muppet Babies: Water Babies (1987/my version/remix), Team Umizoomi: The Aquarium Fix-It (2010/my version/remix), Walt Disney World Commercial: My Vaction (1995)

Barney & Friends: A Camping We Will Go (1992/my version/remix), Kidsongs: A Day At Camp (1989/my version/remix), Walmart Camping Trip Commercial

The Brady Bunch: A Camping We Will Go (1969/my version/remix), Mickey's Fun Songs: Campout At Walt Disney World (1995/my version/remix), Little Bill: The Campout (1999/my version/remix)

The Brady Bunch: Hawaii Bound (1972/my version/remix), The Brady Bunch: Pass the Tabu (1972my version/remix), The Brady Bunch: The Tiki Caves (1972/my version/remix)

Muppet Babies: Beach Blanket Babies (1987/my version/remix), Rugrats: Beach Blanket Babies (1992/my version/remix), Rugrats: The Age of Aquarium (2002/my version/remix)

Full House: Tanner Island (1989/my version/remix), Mickey's Fun Songs: Beach Party At Walt Disney World(1995/my version/remix), Barney & Friends: A Bird of a Fifferent Feather: Hawaii (2009/my version/remix)

Muppet Babies: Eight Flags Over The Nursery (1991/my version/remix), Rugrats: A Rugrats Vacation (1997/my version/remix), The Adventures of Spot: Spot Goes To The Beach (1986/1993/my version/remix)

The Brady Bunch: The Cincinnati Kids (1973/my version/remix), Full House: Come Fly With Me (1992/my version/remix), Rugrats: Club Fred (2003/my version/remix)

Barney & Friends: Venice Anyone?: Italy (2009/my version/remix), Barney & Friends: The Music Box: Switzerland (2009/my version/remix), Barney & Friends: The Good Egg: Kenya (2009/my version/remix)

Team Umizoomi: Ready for Take Off (2010/my version/remix), Shake It Up: Boot It Up (2012/my version/remix), Chuck E. Cheese's TV Commercial: Trip To Chuck E. Cheese's

Gallery Edit

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