Salute to Sports Collections

Donald tries to prove that he is a good sport by not losing his temper. Meanwhile, Goofy tries to sing the National Anthem, but keeps getting it wrong.

Barney & Friends: Bop 'til You Drop (2007/my version/remix), Full Team Ahead (2007/my version/remix)

The Brady Bunch: The Winner (1971/my version/remix), Full House: Stephanie Plays The Field (1991/my version/remix)

Dora The Explorer: The Golden Explorers (2002/my version/remix), Baseball Boots (2003/my version/remix)

Dora The Explorer: Dora Saves The Game (2003/my version/remix), Barney & Friends: A Game For Everyone, A Sports Adventures (2008/my version/remix)

Malcolm In The Middle: Stock Car Races (2000/my version/remix), Danger Rangers: Go Games (2006/my version/remix)

Dora The Explorer: Hide and Go Seek (2001/my version/remix), Lamb Chop's Play Along: Let's Play Games (1992/my version/remix)

Dora The Explorer: We're A Team (2003/my version/remix),Team Umizoomi: The Big Boat Race (2010/my version/remix)

Dora The Explorer: Benny's Big Race (2008/my version/remix), Team Umizoomi: The Umi Games (2012/my version/remix)

Dora The Explorer: Dora's Fantastic Gymnastics Adventure (2012/my version/remix), Team Umizoomi: Boardwalk Games (2012/my version/remix)

Good Luck Charlie: Take Mel Out to the Ball Game (2010//my version/remix), Team Mom (2012/my version/remix)

Full House: Shape Up (1990/my version/remix), Wrong-Way Tanner (1993/my version/remix), Song: Kids In Motion

Full House: Nice Guys Finish First (1992/my version/remix), Michelle a la Carte (1994/my version/remix), Air Jesse (1995/my version/remix)

Gallery Edit

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