The Baby-Sitters Clubhouse Special Edition Collections

Mrs. Turtle wants her baby son Shelby (who has given Donald plenty of trouble in the past) to perform, and Mickey agrees to babysit him.

The Brady Bunch: The Babysitters (1970/remix/my version), Full House: Misadventures in Babysitting (1990/remix/my version)

The Brady Bunch: Law and Disorder (1973/remix/my version), Full House: Honey, I Broke the House (1990/remix/my version)

The Brady Bunch: Marcia Gets Creamed (1973/remix/my version), Full House: Good News, Bad News (1990/remix/my version)

The Brady Bunch: Greg Gets Grounded (1973/remix/my version), Full House: Crimes and Michelle's Demeanor (1990/remix/my version)

Who's The Boss: The Babysitter (1986/remix/my version), Boy Meets World: Risky Business (1994/remix/my version)

Lilo & Stitch The Series: Yin-Yang (2003/remix/my version), Yapper (2003/remix/my version)

Mickey Mouse Cartoons: Hickory Dickory Mickey (2001/remix/my version), Mickey's Mechanical House (1999/remix/my version), The Nutcracker (1999/remix/my version)

Still Standing: Still Good Cop (2003/remix/my version), Charlie Brown: He's A Bully, Charlie Brown (2009/remix/my version) Song: Macadamia Nuts (crossover)

Gallery Edit

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