Season 1: Edit

Disc 1 Edit

  1. The Stolen Kidsongs Incorporated Shows: Our First TV Show (1982/My Version/Remix), America's Wackiest Home Movies (1997/My Version/Remix), Leader of The Pack (1984/My Version/Remix)
  2. Big Bad Wolf Daddy: Studio Fun (1983/My Version/Remix), Soundcheck and Double Trouble (2014/My Version/Remix), The Painter (1984/My Version/Remix)
  3. Decades Through The Years with The Three Caballeros: Decade of Hits (1985/My Version/Remix), Jump to the '50s (2016/My Version/Remix), That '70s Musical (2002/My Version/Remix)
  4. Goofy's Valentine's Great Date: Let's Sing American Songs (1983/My Version/Remix), Be My Valentine (1978/My Version/Remix), The Angels (1984/My Version/Remix)
  5. Timon and Pumbaa: We've Got This Down (1984/My Version/Remix), The Hero (1970/My Version/Remix), The Bully (1984/My Version/Remix)

Disc 2 Edit

  1. Jiminy Cricket & Friends: Classic Kid's Songs (1984/My Version/Remix), SONG: Give Thanks To The Lord (from KTV) The Joker (1984/My Version/Remix)
  2. Unplugged Kids Club: What's at #1? (1985/My Version/Remix), The Basket Case (1984/My Version/Remix)
  3. Gone Goofy: Songs & Games (1985/My Version/Remix), The Slumber Caper (1970/My Version/Remix), The Ghost of the P*lace (1984/My Version/Remix)
  4. Rent Day: Practice Makes Perfect (1987/My Version/Remix), The-Not-So-Ugly-Duckling (1970/My Version/Remix), New Image (1984/My Version/Remix)
  5. Donald's Lamp Trade: Let's Count 'em Down (1987/My Version/Remix), SONG: No Substitute For Honesty (from Dr. Wonder's Workshop/AMESLAN Kids), Go for the Gold (1984/My Version/Remix)

Disc 3 Edit

  1. Daisy's Little Buds Debut Part 1: For Kids & Starring Kids (1988/My Version/Remix), Little Buds ABC's (2007/My Version/Remix), X Marks The Spot (1984/My Version/Remix)
  2. Daisy's Little Buds Debut Part 2: It's Sing-a-Long Time! (1989/My Version/Remix), Little Buds 123's (2007/My Version/Remix), Funny Money (1984/ My Version/Remix)
  3. Daisy's Little Buds Debut Part 3 - Kidsongs: Alligator on the Loose (1994/My Version/Remix), A Fish Story (1994/My Version/Remix), Billy's Tummy Ache (1994/My Version/Remix)
  4. Donald's Pumbaa Prank: Music Video Madness (1988/My Version/Remix), SONG: The Lord Alone Can Bring (from Dr. Wonder's Wokehop/AMESLAN Kids), Robot Bop (1984/My Version/Remix)
  5. Thanks to Minnie: Let's Get Moving (1988/My Version/Remix), SONG: Never Give Up (from Dr. Wonder's Wokehop/AMESLAN Kids), Space Case (1984/My Version/Remix)

Disc 4 Edit

  1. Goofy for a Day 1: It's a Kid's World (1989/My Version/Remix), Just One of The Guys (1988/My Version/Remix), School's For Foods (1984/My Version/Remix)
  2. Goofy for a Day 2: We Want Our Kidsongs (1990/My Version/Remix), Mad Money (1988/My Version/Remix), No Jockos (1984/My Version/Remix)
  3. Goofy for a Day 3: Livin' in the USA (1991/My Version/Remix), Tanner vs. Gibbler (1988/My Version/Remix), Superbike (1984/My Version/Remix)
  4. Goofy for a Day 4: Counting Down The Chart (1992/My Version/Remix), Baby Love (1989/My Version/Remix), She's So Shy (1984/My Version/Remix)
  5. Pluto Saves the Day: Made by Kids (1988/My Version/Remix), SONG: I Can Succeed (from Dr. Wonder's Wokehop/MAESLAN Kids), The Leprechaun (1984/My Version/Remix)

Disc 5 Edit

  1. Clarabelle's Big Secret: The Mail Must Go Through (1994/My Version/Remix), NASA Space Week (1985/My Version/Remix)
  2. The Mouse Who Came to Dinner: Pizza, Pizza (1994/My Version/Remix), I Need a Little Pasta (1994/My Version/Remix)
  3. Max's New Car: Circus Day (1994/My Version/Remix), Band Together (2002/My Version/Remix), Basketball Blues (1985/My Version/Remix)
  4. Not So Goofy: Katie's Little Lie (Learning a Lesson) (1994/My Version/Remix), SONG: The Top of My Pizza (from BJ's Teddy Bear Club), The Trouble with Centigrups/Totally Odd Squad (2014/My Version/Remix), Siedah Garrett (1985/My Version/Remix)
  5. Everybody Loves Kidsongs Incorporated: It's A Wrap! (1992/My Version/Remix), Middle Age Crazy (1989/My Version/Remix), The Camp-Out Blues (1985/My Version/Remix)

Disc 6 Edit

  1. Mickey's Magical World of Holidays: Dateless in San Francisco (1995/My Version/Remix), Mother's Day Reservations (2015/My Version/Remix), Halloween Spooky Science Special (2011/My Version/Remix), Judith's Happy Chanukah (2015/My Version/Remix)
  2. Mickey and Minnie's Big Vacation with Bunk'd: Live From Camp Kikiwaka (2016/My Version/Remix), Xander Says Goodbye (2016/My Version/Remix), Luke Out Below (2016/My Version/Remix)
  3. The Brady Bunch Swings In: The Winner (1971/My Version/Remix), The Personality Kid (1971/My Version/Remix), Jan's Aunt Jenny (1972/My Version/Remix)
  4. The Lion Guard Pranks with Donald & Pumbaa: Beware the Zimwi (2016/My Version/Remix), SONG: Stand By Me (Crossover), Bunga and the King (2016/My Version/Remix)
  5. We Love You Chip N Dale: Everybody Hates First Kiss (2008/My Version/Remix), SONG: Circle of Friendship (from Dr. Wonder's Workshop: AMESLAN Kids), Slime Party (1996/My Version/Remix), SONG: My Girl (Romantic Movie/TV Music Video Montage), Double Trouble (2010/My Version/Remix), SONG: Baby Elmer Had A Friends (from Baby Looney Tunes)

Season 2: Edit

Disc 1 Edit

  1. Fun with Music: The Maetro Plays (from Sesame Street: Episode 3917)

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