Season 1: Edit

Disc 1 Edit

  1. The Stolen Kidsongs Incorporated Shows: Our First TV Show (1982/My Version/Remix), America's Wackiest Home Movies (1997/My Version/Remix), Leader of The Pack (1984/My Version/Remix)
  2. Big Bad Wolf Daddy: Studio Fun (1983/My Version/Remix), Soundcheck and Double Trouble (2014/My Version/Remix), The Painter (1984/My Version/Remix)
  3. Decades Through The Years with The Three Caballeros: Decade of Hits (1985/My Version/Remix), Jump to the '50s (2016/My Version/Remix), That '70s Musical (2002/My Version/Remix)
  4. Goofy's Valentine's Great Date: Let's Sing American Songs (1983/My Version/Remix), Be My Valentine (1978/My Version/Remix), The Angels (1984/My Version/Remix)
  5. Timon and Pumbaa: We've Got This Down (1984/My Version/Remix), The Hero (1970/My Version/Remix), The Bully (1984/My Version/Remix)

Disc 2 Edit

  1. Jiminy Cricket & Friends: Classic Kid's Songs (1984/My Version/Remix), SONG: Give Thanks To The Lord (from KTV) The Joker (1984/My Version/Remix)
  2. Unplugged Kids Club: What's at #1? (1985/My Version/Remix), The Basket Case (1984/My Version/Remix)
  3. Gone Goofy: Songs & Games (1985/My Version/Remix), The Slumber Caper (1970/My Version/Remix), The Ghost of the P*lace (1984/My Version/Remix)
  4. Rent Day: Practice Makes Perfect (1987/My Version/Remix), The-Not-So-Ugly-Duckling (1970/My Version/Remix), New Image (1984/My Version/Remix)
  5. Donald's Lamp Trade: Let's Count 'em Down (1987/My Version/Remix), SONG: No Substitute For Honesty (from Dr. Wonder's Workshop/AMESLAN Kids), Go for the Gold (1984/My Version/Remix)

Disc 3 Edit

  1. Daisy's Little Buds Debut Part 1: For Kids & Starring Kids (1988/My Version/Remix), Little Buds ABC's (2007/My Version/Remix), X Marks The Spot (1984/My Version/Remix)
  2. Daisy's Little Buds Debut Part 2: It's Sing-a-Long Time! (1989/My Version/Remix), Little Buds 123's (2007/My Version/Remix), Funny Money (1984/ My Version/Remix)
  3. Daisy's Little Buds Debut Part 3 - Kidsongs: Alligator on the Loose (1994/My Version/Remix), A Fish Story (1994/My Version/Remix), Billy's Tummy Ache (1994/My Version/Remix)
  4. Donald's Pumbaa Prank: Music Video Madness (1988/My Version/Remix), SONG: The Lord Alone Can Bring (from Dr. Wonder's Wokehop/AMESLAN Kids), Robot Bop (1984/My Version/Remix)
  5. Thanks to Minnie: Let's Get Moving (1988/My Version/Remix), SONG: Never Give Up (from Dr. Wonder's Wokehop/AMESLAN Kids), Space Case (1984/My Version/Remix)

Disc 4 Edit

  1. Goofy for a Day 1: It's a Kid's World (1989/My Version/Remix), Just One of The Guys (1988/My Version/Remix), School's For Foods (1984/My Version/Remix)
  2. Goofy for a Day 2: We Want Our Kidsongs (1990/My Version/Remix), Mad Money (1988/My Version/Remix), No Jockos (1984/My Version/Remix)
  3. Goofy for a Day 3: Livin' in the USA (1991/My Version/Remix), Tanner vs. Gibbler (1988/My Version/Remix), Superbike (1984/My Version/Remix)
  4. Goofy for a Day 4: Counting Down The Chart (1992/My Version/Remix), Baby Love (1989/My Version/Remix), She's So Shy (1984/My Version/Remix)
  5. Pluto Saves the Day: Made by Kids (1988/My Version/Remix), SONG: I Can Succeed (from Dr. Wonder's Wokehop/MAESLAN Kids), The Leprechaun (1984/My Version/Remix)

Disc 5 Edit

  1. Clarabelle's Big Secret: The Mail Must Go Through (1994/My Version/Remix), NASA Space Week (1985/My Version/Remix)
  2. The Mouse Who Came to Dinner: Pizza, Pizza (1994/My Version/Remix), I Need a Little Pasta (1994/My Version/Remix)
  3. Max's New Car: Circus Day (1994/My Version/Remix), Band Together (2002/My Version/Remix), Basketball Blues (1985/My Version/Remix)
  4. Not So Goofy: Katie's Little Lie (Learning a Lesson) (1994/My Version/Remix), SONG: The Top of My Pizza (from BJ's Teddy Bear Club), The Trouble with Centigrups/Totally Odd Squad (2014/My Version/Remix), Siedah Garrett (1985/My Version/Remix)
  5. Everybody Loves Kidsongs Incorporated: It's A Wrap! (1992/My Version/Remix), Middle Age Crazy (1989/My Version/Remix), The Camp-Out Blues (1985/My Version/Remix)

Disc 6 Edit

  1. Mickey's Magical World of Holidays: Dateless in San Francisco (1995/My Version/Remix), Mother's Day Reservations (2015/My Version/Remix), Halloween Spooky Science Special (2011/My Version/Remix), Judith's Happy Chanukah (2015/My Version/Remix)
  2. Mickey and Minnie's Big Vacation with Bunk'd: Live From Camp Kikiwaka (2016/My Version/Remix), Xander Says Goodbye (2016/My Version/Remix), Luke Out Below (2016/My Version/Remix)
  3. The Brady Bunch Swings In: The Winner (1971/My Version/Remix), The Personality Kid (1971/My Version/Remix), Jan's Aunt Jenny (1972/My Version/Remix)
  4. The Lion Guard Pranks with Donald & Pumbaa: Beware the Zimwi (2016/My Version/Remix), SONG: Stand By Me (Crossover), Bunga and the King (2016/My Version/Remix)
  5. We Love You Chip N Dale: Everybody Hates First Kiss (2008/My Version/Remix), SONG: Circle of Friendship (from Dr. Wonder's Workshop: AMESLAN Kids), Slime Party (1996/My Version/Remix), SONG: My Girl (Romantic Movie/TV Music Video Montage), Double Trouble (2010/My Version/Remix), SONG: Baby Elmer Had A Friends (from Baby Looney Tunes)

Season 2: Edit

Disc 1

  1. Fun with Music Part 1: Fonzie Joins the Band (1982/My Version/Remix), Dance to Your Own Beat (2000/My Version/Remix), We'll Be Righ Back After These Commercial Messages, Starla Magic Microphone Toy Commercial, Time Life 100 Songs for Kids Music CD commercial, The Wiggles: Wiggly Dancing Guitar Commercial, Caillou Singalong (Irwin Toy 2002), And Now Back To Kidsongs Incorporated, SONG: Born To Sing (from Baby Looney Tunes), Violet's Music (2007/My Version/Remix), SONG: Bob's Brass Band (Crossover), We'll Be Righ Back After These Commercial Messages, Cedarmont Kids - 100 Sing Along Songs For Kids, Fisher Price The Backyardigans Sing-Along Music Maker Commercial, Super Singing Tommy Ad (1998), Kidi Super Star | VTech Speelgoed, Care Bears Commercial (Sing-Along Friends) (2003), And Now Back To Kidsongs Incorporated, I Love a Parade (2000/My Version/Remix), 80's Disney Music Favorites Commercial, Hasbro Furby Connect Karaoke TV Toys Commercial 2016, Kit Kat Dancing Kids TV Commercial, The Chipmunks Greatest Hits Commercial (35th Birthday Party) 1996, And Now Back To Kidsongs Incorporated
  2. Fun with Music Part 2: The Maetro Plays (from Sesame Street: Episode 3917), The Play's the Thing (1992/My Version/Remix), Be Righ Back After These Commercial Messages, Fisher-Price AM/FM Radio commercial (1985), Fisher-Price Star Stage commercial (1986), Portable Radio/Cassette Player (1992), Original Kidz Bop Commercial (2001), K-Tel Mini Pop Kids Commercial, Lets Rock Elmo, And Now Back To Kidsongs Incorporated, SONG: Born To Sing (from Baby Looney Tunes), What Instrument Does Alvin Play? (2007/My Version/Remix), We'll Be Right Back After These Commercial Messages, Cabbage Patch Kids sing-along album, Blue Man Group Toy Commercial, Original Kidz Bop Commercial (2001), Hokey Pokey Elmo 2004 Ad, Barney's Song Magic Banjo Ad (1998), Blue's Clues Sing Along Blue Ad (1998), And Now Back To Kidsongs Incorporated, We Got the Beat (1995/My Version/Remix), We'll Be Righ Back After These Commercial Messages, Playhouse Disney CD Commercial, Time Life Disney's Greatest Songs CD Commercial, Pokémon The First Movie (2000) OST Soundtrack 2nd Commercial - TVcommercial - TV Spot - TV Ad - USA, The Official Commercial for Selfie Mic! | As Seen On TV!, And Now Back To Kidsongs Incorporated, Sonic Sez - Sonic's Song (Awareness & Music)

Disc 2Edit

  1. Playtime Music Part 1: Be Bop (2000/My Version/Remix), It's Not Easy Being Green (from Muppet Sing Alongs/1994/My Version/Remix), We'll Be Righ Back After These Commercial Messages, We'll Be Righ Back After These Commercial Messages, Time Life 100 Songs for Kids Music CD commercial, Barney Magic Bongos (1999), Dora The Explorer Dress And Dance Commercial (2005), Mickey Mouse Disney follow the light keyboard toy commercial, And Now Back To Kidsongs Incorporated, Ruby Sings the Blues & Cliff Hanger Sings the Blues (from Between the Lions), 1984 Michael Jackson Doll Commercial, Barney's Move 'N Groove Dance Mat Toy Commercial, K-Tel Mini Pop Kids 2 Commercial, Rock & Roll Elmo & Ernie Ad (1999), And Now Back To Kidsongs Incorporated, Fun With Music (from Disney Sing Along Songs/1989-1990/My Version/Remix), We'll Be Righ Back After These Commercial Messages, Sesame Street Live Commercial - 2002, Michael Jackson Bad Album Release Commercial 1987, Andy Fisher Price Commercial, Mickeys Splash Dance, And Now Back To Kidsongs Incorporated

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